You + Me = 3

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to our family!

We have been so encouraged by how much the people in our lives are loving this baby we’ve been given, even at this early point in our journey. But this site is not at all intended to presume that everyone cares infinitely about every last detail of our pregnancy story haha.

It simply exists to let people, who would be blessed by the opportunity to do so, have a little more in-depth look at how things are coming along, and what milestones and fun moments we’re experiencing along the way as this precious little one grows.

You all are our lifeline. We look to you for guidance, strength, laughter, counsel, and love. If we’re going to pull this off…we, and our child, will need you to walk intimately alongside us as we step into this next chapter of our lives.

We sincerely hope that the site allows that intimacy to be felt in a really tangible way as we take the first of those steps.

We love you all dearly.


The Reveal

If you don’t like emotions…don’t click on this link ?. Katie did an incredible job of making the moment that she told me about the pregnancy so, so special. It’s a moment neither of us will ever forget ???.


Baby Bump Gallery

Follow along as Katie’s “bump” grows with our little one! Even with the difficulties of pregnancy, it’s been so much fun to watch this incredible transformation. The pictures are so fun…Katie is absolutely glowing ☺.

It Takes a Village...

Although raising our pup is a challenge, we’ve been told it’s a bit harder to raise a human 😉 . We would love to hear from other parents about what it’s been like for their family! Click the “Contact Us” button and submit an answer to the question based on your unique experience! Or, of course, we always welcome other advice you may have to give!

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    Feb 10th...ish

    Bow Chicka Wow Wow

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    Mar 8th

    Positive Pregnancy Test

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    Apr 30th

    Start of 2nd Trimester

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    Jun 6th

    Balls or Dolls?

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    Aug 5th

    Start of 3rd Trimester

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    Nov 3rd

    Eviction Notice

Baby Bracketology


Ok, so it’s not March…but we still thought it’d be fun for everyone to get in on this madness!

We know that the weight, eye color, gender, and other various traits will inevitably be guessed….so we thought we’d make it interesting by turning it into a contest!

Click the button below and submit all your best guesses! The person who is the closest to being correct cumulatively across all of the traits will be sent a prize after baby is born. Trust me…this isn’t a lame “thanks for playing” prize….you want this prize. Good luck! 😉

Baby Steps


We know that there are people who want to know how things are coming along, but who don’t live in close proximity to us and don’t get updates as often as those who we do day-to-day life with.

We hope that documenting some of our more major memories and milestones along the way will enable you to stay caught up to speed on the pregnancy, and to remind you that your involvement in our lives, and in our child’s life…that it matters so much to us.

All of you matter so, so much to us. And we’re deeply grateful for what you mean to this growing family of ours.