Our Pregnancy Journey So Far...


We want everyone in our life who wants to come alongside us in this journey to have access, in every way possible, to do just that. We want you to feel intimately involved in Katie’s progress as she carries this baby, and experiences all the “firsts” that she’ll encounter in pregnancy.

It’s our genuine hope that this timeline enables that involvement, and allows you to feel connected to the story as it unfolds!.

Birth & Newborn Pictures

December 3rd

Thought we’d share some of our favorite images as we officially have them all back from our photographer now! She did an incredible job telling the story of how the day of Cooper’s birth unfolded, as well as in the Newborn session once he got home. We’ll forever cherish these images and the moments that they captured.

As a brief update…everything here is going well! Cooper has been such a joy and we’ve been soaking up every moment we get with him. There have been challenges and Katie and I are constantly adjusting to many new “normals” as we find our rhythm. But all-in-all, our hearts are overflowing with love for this sweet boy and our time with him has been so wonderful. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us and journey alongside us in this special time. We’re so grateful for you!

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Hello World! I'm Cooper.

November 7th

At 5:13pm, on November 7th…a 20 inch, 7lb. 14oz. addition to the Reed family was born ?. He’s 100% perfect, and he’s 100% ours.

We are still reeling from what was the most impactful, most intense, most rewarding, most emotional (most of you gasp to think that could even be possible ?) day that either Katie or I have ever experienced. There’s no possible way I can go into all the details here, but I wanted to make sure to at least get a summarized update out to those who have walked with us in our journey with Cooper.

Katie went into active labor early in the morning on Wednesday, November 7th and Cooper arrived at 5:13pm that evening! She was absolutely spectacular. She was brave, strong, resolved, engaged, present, and she was everything that our son needed her to be, exactly when he needed it. It was profoundly moving to watch her usher him into the world the way that she did.


Like I said…I simply can’t go into all the details here…but just know that Cooper is healthy, Katie is healthy, and we are currently in our hospital room enjoying, treasuring, cherishing…every single moment we are near to our boy.

We, of course, can’t wait to introduce him to our friends and family in the weeks to come…but we’re also so excited to share our Birth Story in more detail as we have more time to get our own heads around it and make sense of it all ?.

Thank you, sincerely, for all of your encouragement and support. The love of our community has sustained us in an invaluable way through the pregnancy, and will continue to as we raise this child.

Lastly, our photographer did offer some sneak peek pictures from the birth that I thought I’d share. We’ll post the rest when we get them at a later date. I’ll also include a few pictures that I’ve been able to snap during these first hours with him, though it’s not many.

We can’t believe he’s here. We’re completely exhausted (not even sure if this is all making sense right now haha), entirely overwhelmed, and utterly in love ?.

Due Date - 11/03

Cooper's Nursery (...Just Add Baby)

November 3rd

When we found out we were pregnant, one thing we were both immediately excited for was to prepare the space that our baby would come home to. Katie has an incredible gift at making things feel homey, safe, and inviting. I love to install things and nerd-out on all things technology. So as you’ll see, the nursery has bits of both of us in there ?. But most importantly, it’s a space that we believe Cooper will enjoy and will thrive in.

Before we got started, I mounted a camera above the door and captured a timelapse of everything taking shape. Hopefully one day our baby boy will watch it and feel the love and effort that went into where he will grow as he begins his journey of life!

It’s officially our due date ?, but if you haven’t signed up for the email list it’s not too late to do that…that’s how we’ll communicate out that Katie is in labor and Coop is on his way!

Can’t wait to introduce him to everyone! Love you all dearly.

Maternity Photo Shoot ??

October 18th

A few weeks ago we had our Maternity Photo Shoot done at a fun little spot called “Old Town” down in Kissimmee. We wanted the feel of it to be less formal, and more like a date night. Old Town has some fun Florida charm to it with carnival rides and games, as well as a few arcades and an antique-y shopping strip.

We loved the colors of the buildings and the casual atmosphere and thought the games and rides would give off some pretty cool light at night. The evening was a ton of fun, and once again made all of this feel that much more real! ?


Our photographer was absolutely incredible, and she did such a wonderful job allowing Katie and I to feel like we could be ourselves and act naturally. She captured our interactions and our in-between moments so well. She is also doing our birth day photography as well as our postpartum pictures. She’s been so wonderful and we’re so thankful to have her alongside us capturing this incredible journey with Cooper. If you liked her work in these images and are interested in reaching out to her, you can find her at maddie@petalandvine.com and can view more of her work at petalandvinephotography.com.

October Showers Bring .... November .... Babies?

October 7th

Last weekend our friends threw us a baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Cooper! We were overwhelmed and so, so humbled by everyone’s generosity and, more importantly, the tangible support that we felt from the kind words of everyone who is walking alongside of us in this new journey.

It’s such a powerful thing to be truly known by the community around you, and if there was one word to sum up how both Katie and felt after we left the shower it would be just that…”known”.


Every single detail was thoughtfully considered and intentionally placed. It felt like every time I looked around I saw something else that was unique to Katie and me and that reflected our relationship so perfectly. What a sweet and unforgettable way to love two people. To show them how supported and cared for they are by using what you know about them to bless them in such specific and intentional ways.

The shower made everything feel that much more real. It truly does feel like any day now that we’ll be meeting our boy face-to-face. I can’t describe to you what that thought does to my heart. I suppose it’s something every parent can describe as they experienced it with their own children. We simply cannot wait to experience it with ours.

Thank you to everyone who had anything to do with that special day. For everyone that came, for all the texts and calls from those who couldn’t make it but who wanted to make sure we knew we were being thought of and loved from afar. Katie and I could have never imagined such a beautiful day…and you all made it come to life. A very special thank you to the 4 women who spent who knows how many hours making decorations, preparing food, picking up DOZENS of donuts, and coordinating RSVPs. CeCe, Lia, Lori, Teri…you ladies are rockstars and you made that day possible. Please know that every last detail was noticed and so, so appreciated. It takes a lot of time to be so thoughtful, and we are so humbled that you spent that time creating one of the most special days we’ve ever had in our marriage together.

Cooper will be here soon, guys! We can’t wait for each of you to meet him ??.

And The Name Is.....

August 22nd

Baby Reed has name ?!

It’s not Michael-Jackson Reed (my #1 vote), but I think we both like what we ended up choosing ?.

3st Trimester Begins - 08/05

A New Crib & A Sweet Reminder

July 28th

Things have been relatively “uneventful” the last few weeks, which is why there haven’t been any updates to share! Our OB/GYN check-ins have been going well and Katie has been feeling great! We’re very thankful that there hasn’t been much to report, honestly. But this last weekend we were able to make some great progress on the Nursery, so I thought we could share some details about that!


We’ve been so excited to get started and begin preparing our boy’s room for his arrival! Katie, of course, has got a million ideas and has been anxious to try some of them out and to see the room begin to take shape! This last weekend we made a few purchases and started putting everything together.

One very special moment in the evening was when we tightened the very last screw on the crib, stood it up, and both paused for a moment to take it all in. As with many things so far in this journey…neither of us could have prepared for how deeply we were moved. I guess we both could have told you that building our baby’s crib would be meaningful…but actually experiencing it was truly overwhelming, in all the best ways.

We also got to experience a really sweet gift of God’s grace in that moment. We were listening to music in the background, and when we finished the crib Katie walked over and held me, and just then the song “Do It Again” started playing. We danced there for a while and didn’t say anything to each other. Just listened to the words and reflected on how incredibly humbled we are to be in this season of our life together.

The song’s Chorus says, “Your promise still stands, great is Your faithfulness. I’m still in Your hands, this is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet.” It was a sweet reminder of the mindset we’ve tried hard to have throughout this whole pregnancy. That there are so many unknowns…so much entirely out of our control. There are so many scenarios in which this pregnancy does not turn out the way we had hoped, or “planned”.

We pray everyday for our child. We pray that we may be given what we know we are not promised…that our child is born living, and healthy. But if we aren’t granted that grace, we are also praying everyday that we are given the courage we’d need to stand firmly in what we are promised…that He is the one who reigns justly and faithfully over our circumstances, and that we rest permanently in his sovereign hands.

Before we started trying to get pregnant, Katie and I spent some time one evening in worship together, singing a few songs to position our hearts in the right posture before making this important, exciting, scary decision. The song that impressed most deeply on my heart from that night is one that is familiar to most. It goes, “I surrender all. I surrender all. All to thee my precious Savior, I surrender all.”. Standing in the nursery with Katie the other night, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that declaration that we made together only a few short months ago. It rings true in my heart today as sincerely as it did before our baby was even conceived.

Was that song coming on a complete “coincidence” ? Probably haha. It was the next one up in the album. Completely normal for it to have played at that moment. But I believe, with all my heart, that God works through and in the “normalcy” of our lives. And I think that as we hear a song that reminds us of our Father’s faithfulness during a season of our lives where we feel vulnerable and that requires us to grow in our trust of him…I believe that he delights in that moment.

We certainly delighted in that moment, and are so looking forward to all the moments yet to come. ?

We’ll keep you posted as we finish the nursery and will post pictures once everything is ready to go!

Kicks 'n Giggles

June 20th

The other night, we finally got to feel the little one kick ⚽??! Katie had felt a very small amount of movement in her belly over that last week or so…but nothing that she felt was undeniably him. Since it’s her first pregnancy we’ve heard it can take a bit longer to actually feel movement in there, so we were waiting patiently for this fun milestone.


I had just walked in the door after getting home from work, and as soon as I had stepped inside Katie said, “Brandon, come here quick!” She had her hand on her belly and was sitting super still haha. She said, “I think I just felt him!”. I dropped all of my stuff right away and ran over to put my hands on her belly haha. We both sat veeery still for about 10 seconds or so, and sure enough…a tiny press on the palm of my hand! It was absolutely surreal. We were both smiling and laughing and we just couldn’t believe it!

Maybe a day or so later, Katie was in bed and she felt him again. So once again I pressed my hands on her stomach and waited. This time…wasn’t so magical haha ?. This time he pushed much harder, and I could actually feel a distinct limb that had pressed up against my hand. It freaked me out haha! I jumped back and just starred at Katie in shock. I think I said, “Um…I didn’t like that at all” haha!

I did try again, but the whole time I was so nervous about what I was going to feel that I didn’t stay very still and gave up pretty quick ?. It was, of course, extremely special…I just didn’t foresee how bizarre it would be to feel actual movement coming from INSIDE her stomach! So crazy.

Finally, this last weekend, we were driving a few hours away and all of a sudden Katie started feeling some very strong movement. She felt him kick, or roll, or whatever he was doing in there ? several times in a row! She first started laughing really hard because she was just so excited about how strongly she felt it! But as she laughed we began to cry, and take in the incredible blessing of it all. There is life inside of her. Life she is sustaining, nurturing, and protecting. She had to have felt the miracle of that in a whole new way as she felt our son kick and tumble away.

We are so thankful for these moments, and try to slow down and take them fully in each and every time they happen. This was certainly a fun milestone that marked a new stage in our son’s development. He’s a growing boy to be sure! ???

It’s only a matter of time now before Katie will be begging him to sit still!

It's a Boy!

June 6th

Today we had the ultrasound that told us the sex of our precious baby!

We are doing a weekly video journal for him (now we get to say him! ??), and we haven’t shared any of them because they’re only really intended for him to watch one day. But we thought it’d be fun to let some people into this moment since it was such a special one. Really hoping that years from now, when he watches the “Week 18” video, he’s got lots and lots of grace for…well…ALL the feels that happened ??‍♂️.

The emotions/reactions were entirely over the top. We are obviously aware of that haha. But it was a moment neither of us could have prepared for, or known the fullness of, until we actually opened our eyes and saw that balloon.

Just know that if crying makes you uncomfortable…stay far, far away.

OB/GYN - Round 2

May 24th

Today we had our 2nd OB/GYN appointment, and everything went really well! We heard the baby’s heartbeat again which was just as amazing this time around! It was fun to see how much easier it was for the Dr. to find the heartbeat this time. Little baby is growing and is healthy! We couldn’t be more thrilled, or more thankful ?.

Maybe the most exciting thing about the day, though, was that we scheduled our appointment to find out the gender! We’re sooo ready to find out and to have a more full picture of what’s ahead! 🙂 Can’t wait!

Spreading the News!

Throughout May

One of the sweetest and most special parts of the pregnancy so far has been letting our friends in on the secret and seeing how each of them reacted so uniquely. Although some of them we predicted exactly how it would go (lookin’ at you Garrett ?), most of the time we really didn’t know what to expect, or how people would ultimately react. We knew people would be happy and excited for us, but it has been so, so sweet to feel how genuinely people have celebrated with us. It has just been a really enriching and encouraging experience to go through with each of our friends and to see it manifest itself in a different and special way with each person.

So, thank you for celebrating with us, friends! We are so grateful for you! The support system that you all form is the cornerstone of our confidence that we are ready to step into this next chapter of life. Who can fail with friends like this?

First Ultrasound!

May 3rd

Well…we finally got to see our little one inside of Katie’s belly. It was, surreal, to say the least. We were both SO excited all week leading up the appointment, and we felt a mix of nerves and anticipation going in. The technician found the baby right away and before we knew it, we were looking at our child right there on the screen! He/she was really active and moving all over the place! At one point the baby turned to the side and the image almost looked 3 dimensional as we saw the back and shoulders so clearly. It was absolutely remarkable.


Once the technician finished, she told us that we could go outside and sit in the waiting room until the doctor was ready to run through the numbers with us. Needless-to-say, neither Katie or I were in any kind of emotional state to be around other normal people haha! So we literally had to go and “get a room” while we cried for a very, long, time haha. Once we got ourselves together the doctor was able to walk us through some of the details and she explained that everything looked normal and is progressing just fine. We were so, so thankful for that news.

When we left we just went and sat in my car together and starred at the picture for probably 3 or 4 minutes without saying much at all. Just marveling at the life that was growing inside of Katie. But then we started talking about every last detail and how perfect and precious our little one is. It was a memory neither of us will ever forget. We absolutely cannot wait until we get to see our sweet baby again!

2nd Trimester Begins - 04/30

More Family In On the Secret

April 28th

We got to tell my Dad and Stepmom the news tonight! Both of them were extremely surprised and said they didn’t see it coming at all. In fact, all of our family has said that so far…which is really fun and not exactly what we thought would be the case haha.

There was something uniquely significant to me as I told my Dad that I was going to be a Dad ☺. That kind of caught me off guard, as for some reason I didn’t really foresee that. But that was a really special moment. And then if you have had the chance to meet Lori…I think you can picture exactly how she reacted hahaha. It was awesome. We had a great evening together!

Baby's Heartbeat!

April 26th

Today we went to our second OB/GYN appointment, and heard baby’s heartbeat! It was an extremely special moment and something Katie and I will never forget. I instantly started crying, of course haha. Uncomfortably hard. Katie held it together for a bit because the Dr. told her to hold still. But after a few seconds she started laughing uncontrollably as if she just burst open with overwhelming joy. It was so sweet to see.


You know Katie’s laugh where she smiles so big you can see it in her eyes? It was that laugh ❤️. We looked at each other and both shared a moment that was probably the most intense in the pregnancy so far. It was such a beautiful experience and we are so, so thankful to have been given the opportunity to leave there with good news. The BPM is in the normal range, and all seems to be progressing normally!

As we left, our most strongly felt emotion was thankfulness, as we know that not all parents get to leave this particular check-in with happiness in the hearts. We are so, so humbled that we have that opportunity. Even if the Lord decides to take this story in a different direction by our next appointment, we are still so thankful that we were given the opportunity to hear our baby’s heart alive and well even just this once.

The Only Time Anything Small Is Ever Celebrated in Texas ??

April 19th

Today we got to tell Katie’s family about the big news as well! We were able to fly back to Cleburne for the weekend, so it was really special to get to tell them in person. The more we talk about it, the more real it all becomes ❤️. So excited to now be able to celebrate the milestones along with them as the pregnancy continues to progress!

The Secret Is Out!

April 12th

We were super thankful that we were able to work it out for my Mom to come out to Florida so we could tell her the news in person. She was already planning on visiting in the near future so us pushing the trip up a few weeks didn’t cause much suspicion ?. She was thrilled for us and we had a wonderful week together getting excited about every last detail ??❤️.

First Doctor's Appointment

March 29th

We went to our first OB/GYN appointment today! Things went really smoothly and we loved our Doctor so far. Hard to tell this early, but he seemed to be really kind and helped answer all of our questions. We had quite a few ?. We also scheduled our next appointment for about a month from now, and will have to get some blood tests done for Katie prior to that.

Baby Bump

March 27th

Today was the first day there was a visible, albeit very small, baby bump ?. It’s really only visible if Katie sucks her tummy in and turns just right haha…but it’s there! From the books we’re reading it’s looking like her uterus has already doubled in size! ?

Morning Sickness

March 22nd

Well we knew the day would more than likely come…but just didn’t know when. This week Katie started to have her first real issues with morning sickness. She isn’t throwing up, which seems to be a good thing at this point since it’s tough to run off to the bathroom when people you’re around don’t know you’re pregnant!


She pretty much just feels like she’s coming down with the flu all the time. Achey, sore, really tired, and always nauseous. We know it could be much worse so we are very thankful that, at least for this first week, things have been pretty manageable. It’s made her days at work much more difficult, but she’s still been able to go in everyday.

Hoping things stay relatively doable in this area and that it doesn’t get much worse in the coming weeks over the 1st Trimester. Even though she’s been discouraged at how crummy she’s felt everyday…she is keeping an awesome perspective and has mentioned multiple times how much more feasible all of it seems knowing that it’s a sacrifice being made to support the life inside her. I’m so proud of her mindset and approach and think she’s doing an amazing job through this first obstacle in her pregnancy journey!

Brandon's Turn to 'Ugly Cry'

March 9th

Katie has been the victim for years now of my constant documenting of all of our memories together. One thing that’s does seem to be pretty consistent when her surprises are captured on camera is the extremely intense crying that takes place haha.

Well…this night, the shoe was certainly on the other foot.


Katie did such a wonderful job of ensuring that however she told me about the pregnancy, that there would be video and pictures taken of the whole thing. She knew that would bless me…which of course it did. However, the familiar and unfortunate byproduct is having to watch the crying….the ugly, hideous crying. It was intense guys. I actually held it together pretty well the whole time we were in the room with Mickey…but once we stepped into the hall, we had 2 different Cast Members and a concerned family come over to us at separate times to make sure everything was ok (you know…because it looked like I had just endured an unspeakable tragedy). Guys…here’s a preview…?‍♂️

The whole thing was absolutely perfect. Katie did such an incredible job making the moment special, and so memorable for us.

Katie had begun planting the seeds of a “Disney date night” in the week prior because she knew that’s how she wanted to do the reveal. And although we obviously weren’t sure how quickly we’d be able to conceive, she wanted to put the pieces in place…just in case.

All that to say…it didn’t tip me off at all when Katie suggested that we do our Disney date night on that Friday evening. She explained that she really wanted to go see Mickey (also very not out of the ordinary for Katie haha) so that was the first thing we planned to do for the evening.

Though before we went there we did stop and take a picture at the Castle together. I love this picture because it’s the only one that we have where she knows, and I don’t ?.

But after that we went straight to Town Square Theater!

When it was our turn to meet the Big Cheese himself, Katie said “Hey Mickey, can you sign something for me?”…that threw me off guard a little bit but honestly it all happened pretty fast so I didn’t have time to think about what she could’ve brought that she’d want Mickey to sign.

Next I knew I was starring at a tiny Mickey Mouse onesie and Katie was looking at me, her eyes welling up with tears.

What ensued was about 5 minutes of pure overwhelm as I took everything in and realized what was happening. There were pictures and lots of hugs and kisses ?. At one point the PhotoPass photographer put my hands on Katie’s belly and said “ok Dad now you put your hands like this to form a heart”….the second I heard “Dad” my heart nearly burst. Then he snapped this gem immediately after that hahaha. You can’t call me a Dad and then take a picture expecting me to look normal!! This is the face of someone who’s body is telling them they should be on the floor weeping but someone is making them pose for a picture.

After we left the room and spent some more intimate time taking it all in together and walking through some of the details…we headed outside. As we did, serendipitously, the fireworks show was just starting. We tried to watch it but about 5 minutes in I was crying so hard I told Katie we had to leave because I was clearly being a distraction to everyone around us hahaha. We were both crying…it was a really sweet moment…it’s just, probably not a moment we should have in the middle of Main Street USA during the fireworks show ?.

We eventually wrapped up the evening with a giant cinnamon roll in Fantasyland (wonder who suggested that?) as we debriefed everything and talked about the craziness ahead.

You can see the video of the reveal here and the rest of the pictures from the evening here.

It was absolutely perfect, Katie. You loved me in every single detail. There are a million reasons why you’ll be a spectacular mom…but loving others in the way that makes them feel known and cared for in the littlest detail, that will prove to be one of your strongest assets as you raise our children.

I can’t believe we’re going to be parents. I can’t believe you’re going to be a Mom!

Oh Katie…what a perfectly wonderful Mom you will be.


March 8th

The first time Katie saw “the double line” was on the morning of March 8th!

She had been feeling really off but both of us were pretty sure that could be attributed to her coming off of her birth control, which had only been about a week and a half prior to then.

But turns out the hormones were wacky for a much teeny-tinier reason ???❤️.


She knew she wanted to wait to tell me until the following day (more on that later in the timeline) so all she did was come to the bed where I was still sleeping and kiss me on the forehead.

However…if you know me at all, you know about that thing where I’m a hideous evil monster in the morning. Soooo…needless to say I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the sweet and meaningful experience she was picturing haha.

1st Trimester Begins - 02/10